The Most Annoying Word in English

Dysfunctional Literacy

Life is full of annoyances.  People who chew with their mouths open are annoying.  Little dogs with high-pitched barks are annoying.  I’ve even been told that I’m annoying.  But it took me a long time to realize that individual words could be annoying. 

Scribit has a list of words that bloggers and websites shouldn’t use because readers find them annoying.  To be honest, I don’t know what a Scribit is; I just accidentally found this list (I’m pretty sure Scribit doesn’t know what a Dysfunctional Literacy is either).  

Most of the words on the Scribit list don’t bug me.  I have no reaction to the word moist (supposedly the most hated of words).  I say slacks a lot because I wear slacks a lot, and I’d rather say slacks instead of trousers, no matter what a list says.  I understand that awesome is over-used, but a lot of that…

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