Top Ten U.S. Wireless Trends in 2013 for Investors to Bank On

24/7 Wall St.

Cell Tower detailThe intense battle for the wireless customer and the consumer dollar heated up in the first quarter of 2013. Surprisingly, smartphone activation, which is a key data point for the carriers, actually slowed. While the battle continues between Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Samsung for smartphone loyalty, the carriers continue to slug it out for the wireless customer.

The wireless analysts at UBS A.G. (NYSE: UBS) did a thorough examination of all the first-quarter wireless data and found some pretty interesting trends. In recently released research, they highlight the 10 top trends in the U.S. wireless industry.

1. The wireless industry reported a net addition of 214,000 new subscribers, versus a loss of 14,000 last year. The industry also reported a loss of 783,00 handset users, almost double the year ago level. They expect this trend to continue and to pressure service revenue growth.

2. Verizon…

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