10 Ways to Handle Social Media in Your Marriage.

Rivers of Hope

Man and woman on Internet
( © Simonkr | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images)

Social media has a lot of benefits and pitfalls, especially when it comes to how your spouse feels about your “friends” and “followers.” Here are some tips about how to go about your posts and your tweets:

1. Never get defensive. If you need to defend it, you are probably in the wrong. Don’t defend a virtual friend you never see over your spouse!

2. Unfriend old girl/boyfriends. 
Sure, they might be your ex, but you now have access to their every move. Do you really need to know what they’re up to? Men, do you really need to see pictures of them in a bikini? Don’t ask your spouse if “it’s cool” for you to be friends with them, either.

3. Relationship status. If you’re married, you better have it marked that you’re married. Another cool way…

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