Garcetti’s Win Helped by Ties to Obama Machine.

Rivers of Hope

Image: Garcetti's Win Helped by Ties to Obama Machine

By John Gizzi

City CouncilmanEric Garcetti‘s victory in the run-off for mayor of Los Angeles Tuesday was driven in part by the victor’s close ties to President Barack Obama and his political organization.

Former Obama political adviser David Axelrod assisted Garcetti in his run for mayor. Garcetti had campaigned for Obama over Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucuses in 2008 and was California co-chairman of the Obama campaign that year.

In rolling up 54 percent of the vote over fellow Democrat Wendy Greuel, the city controller, Garcetti’s win was particularly impressive in that Greuel had the endorsement of Bill Clinton.

The former president, whose blessing among Democrats can normally add at least 5 percent to a candidate’s vote total, recorded phone messages, raised money, and appeared at rallies for Greuel, a former Clinton administration official.

Although both Garcetti and Greuel had strong records of support for organized…

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