Wakeboarding and Lights

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Using light as a medium for art is something that we are increasingly seeing.  Light can be expressive and emotive in a single fleeting instance, which makes it such a powerful tool to work with.

Combining this with slow motion video capture or long exposure photography we have seen before with the likes of the LED Surfer, but Red Bull have taken it to the next level by incorporating a similar idea into wakeboarding.

Wakeboarding and Lights 1

Three Red Bull wakeboarders (Mike Dowdy, Adam Errington, Dallas Friday), one photography studio (Snap!) and one light artist (Patrick Rochon) came together in an entirely experimental collaboration.

Wakeboarding and Lights 2

Wakeboarding and Lights 4

The plan was to “fuse sport, art, and technology” to capture the excitement and creativity of wakeboarding, by using the movement of light and the riders across the water.

Focus on art, creativity and beauty

Even Patrick himself was impressed with the outcome.  The planning and capture…

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