Low Vacation Time May Help U.S. Business

24/7 Wall St.

American flagMany experts on worker productivity believe that vacations help rejuvenate people and, therefore, they can work more efficiently. The point of view could be a myth. The United States remains the only nation that does not have vacation times mandated by law, according to theĀ Center for Economic and Policy Research. And that may be a situation that gives America a competitive edge.

Workers in Spain and Portugal each get 22 paid holidays. In Spain, people get another 12 vacation days. In Portugal, the figure is 13. That puts the two nations at the top of the list among nations where people get the most time off. Italy is close with 31 vacation days and holidays. France also mandates 31, which places it near the top.

It is worth noting that unemployment in Spain and Portugal are very high. Italy is close, and the French economy is falling apart. Thereā€¦

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