The Fast & Furious 6 Profit Machine

24/7 Wall St.

Disney logo“Fast & Furious 6” brought in $122.2 million in North America over the Memorial Day weekend — a record for the period. Adding overseas, the figure was $366 million. The movie may have cost $150 million to make, so it is already profitable. And one of its competitors for the first place crown — “Hangover III” — likely has not. Sequels are not created equal. But “Fast & Furious 6” begs the question whether action films trump comedies based on heavy drinkers and frat humor.

Most evidence would suggest that the action genre has as advantage. The other blockbuster film of the spring is “Iron Man 3.” Behind that is a more modest hit — “Star Trek into Darkness.” The Star Trek franchise goes back to the 1960s TV show and Iron Man back to 1963. All three of the movies are sequels of sequels of sequels. But so was…

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