The Tribe Has Spoken, But Are The Elders Listening? #Survivor

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

SurvivorOn January 29, I was watching TV at The House on the Hill, and trying to unwind after another typical Winter day in Maine of shoveling show.  A commercial for Survivor flashed on the screen and this Modern Philosopher thought to himself, “I bet none of those so called survivors could last a week, let alone thirty-nine days, of a Maine Winter.”

That’s how simply an idea for a blog post is born.  I whipped out the lap top and wrote the now famous “Survivor Secretly Shooting Its Next Season In Maine” post.

Cut to today, almost four months later.  That same post has had over 1,500 views since 1:00 this afternoon.  That makes 49,808 views since I posted it less than four months ago. I’m not sure why the article is going viral again, but I asked a couple of people who commented on it today where they had…

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