Amazon Web Services Launches Web Identity Service With Support For Google And Facebook


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a web identity service with support for Google, Facebook and its own AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).  The service allows developers to grant temporary authorization to people using these three services and simplifies development as all the identity management is done by AWS.

All the server-side code is managed without long-term credentials for the app. The service introduces a new AWS Security Token Service (STS) API that allows for temporary security credentials for customers who have been authenticated by, Facebook, or Google. According to the AWS blog, the “app can then use the temporary security credentials to access AWS resources such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) objects, DynamoDB tables, or Amazon Simple Queue Service queues.”

This means that an app developer can more easily integrate identity features into an app. AWS uses the example of allowing end users to upload an…

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