With new Android app, language-learning startup Duolingo looks to double users


Android(s GOOG) users with aspirations of learning another language have a new app to check out. About six months after rolling out an iOS(s AAPL) app, Duolingo on Wednesday launched its Android app.

Created by Recaptcha founder and Carnegie Mellon professor Luis von Ahn, Duolingo helps people learn languages while translating real-world content from the web.

Built from the bottom up for the new platform, von Ahn said, the Android app could help the company as much as double its user numbers. At the moment, the app has 3 million registered users, half of which are on mobile and 1 million of which are active. Already, it has broad appeal among non-U.S. users – about 70 percent are not from the U.S. – but considering the number of non-U.S. Android fans, von Ahn said that number could rise quickly.

Like the website, the Android app offers skill-based, game-like lessons…

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