Zigbee and Z-wave are out. Broadcom’s new chips bet on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for IoT


There is nothing that hardware nerds love than a good old-fashioned standards battle. LTE versus WiMAX, VHS versus Betamax, Ethernet versus InfiniBand … the list goes on. The internet of things is another battleground with different factions fighting over protocols for sending wireless signals, sending data between points, security and a variety of other standards. But when it comes to the wireless technology of choice for connecting consumer gadgets, Broadcom(s brcm) has chosen its winners: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Brian Bedrosian, Broadcom’s Senior Director, Embedded Wireless and Jeff Baer, Broadcom’s Business Development Director, Embedded Wireless — both in Broadcom’s Wireless Connectivity Combo Group — explained their thinking to me on a call related to the launch of a new all-in-one Wi-Fi module that contains a Wi-Fi radio and a microcontroller that will handle all the on-boarding of the device and communication to the network.

From Broadcom’s perspective, other protocols are either…

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