Speeding Up My Heart After My Run

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Adventure:  A man trail running at sunset near Frenchman Coulee, VantageThe temperature was 81 degrees when I left The House on the Hill tonight to go for my run.  I did a little extra hydrating before I hit the road, and made a mental note not to push myself too hard.  This was, after all, the all important second day of running to test if my left calf was completely healed.

I felt the heat almost immediately.  I had put on the lightest of my running togas, but even that felt like a flannel sheet wrapped around me as the Sun beat down without mercy.

The run out to the 1.5 mile point was a slow and sweaty one.  The good news was that my leg felt fine.  The bad news was that I had produced so much sweat that it felt like I was hauling another person down the road in my toga.

There’s something about making that turn…

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