Subtask wants to fuse mind-mapping with project management


There’s a healthy market right now for project management tools, from Wunderlist Pro to the now-venerable Basecamp. And then we also have mind-mapping tools such as Mindmeister and Mindjet, which use diagrams in order to outline ideas in a structured way. German mathematics grad Michael Partheil reckons there’s value in combining both tools in a clean, streamlined way, and recently launched a new web app called Subtask to do just that.

Of course, Mindjet itself has combined mind-mapping and project management through its Cohuman buy, but Partheil characterizes the result as “hard to use and bloated with features” — what he’s come up with is a simpler (and cheaper) beast.

“Project management tools are all basically just linear lists of tasks,” Partheil told me. “I always thought it’s easier to think about your project if you can structure it and split it. … The long-term goal…

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