Apple issues fixes for Wi-Fi, Messages, FaceTime, Exchange bugs in OS X 10.8


If you’ve had trouble connecting to some Wi-Fi networks or noticed that conversations in your Messages app were often out of order, you’re not alone. And Apple(s AAPL) says it’s now squashed those and nearly a dozen other bugs in the software with an update to OS X Mountain Lion, released Tuesday afternoon.

Mountain Lion updateOS X 10.8.4 is now out and promises to: improve compatibility for connecting to some enterprise Wi-Fi networks and for Microsoft Exchange working with Calendar, resolve an issue where conversation threads in Messages appear non-chronologically, and lets FaceTime calls properly connect to users outside the U.S.

Here’s the full list of what this update addresses:

  • Compatibility improvements when connecting to certain enterprise Wi-Fi networks
  • Microsoft Exchange compatibility improvements in Calendar
  • A fix for an issue that prevented FaceTime calls to non-U.S. phone numbers
  • A fix for an issue that may prevent scheduled sleep after using Boot…

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