Can Defense Contractors Retaliate Against China for Patent and IP Theft?

24/7 Wall St.

U.S. Navy supply ship Rappahannock at sea in this handout photo taken in the South China SeaNews is out almost daily of China and other nations stealing sensitive data in hack attacks and via corporate espionage efforts. Most of the time it is over bank security, utility and industrial information, blueprints and design, and other issues that you might regard as more than nuisance. But what about the growing public outcry that China is stealing America’s greatest defense contractor blueprints for advanced defense and offense weaponry and systems? The big question that looms is what exactly these defense contract firms can do to stop it. Can they sue China? Can they get the military or others to start taking direct actions?

The first thing that the public needs to know is that nations do steal and try to steal each others military and defense secrets all the time. This is common practice and the U.S. does it as well. It used to be cloak and dagger theft…

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