Google Android says goodbye to fragmentation as Gingerbread gets stale


Google’s(s goog) Developer Dashboard saw its monthly update on Tuesday, showing that 58.6 percent of all Android devices hitting the Google Play store are running Android 4.0 or better. More than a third still use Android 2.3, also known as the Gingerbread version, but that figure continues to spiral downward. Why? Partially because Gingerbread launched in December 2010, and the average smartphone customer has upgraded their phone since then.

Android versions June 2013

Among the most recent versions of Android, Jelly Bean leads the way, used on 33 percent of Android devices. Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich, still has 25.6 percent of the user base, however. That means only one-third of all Androids can take advantage of Google Now: even though the feature is built in to the Google Search app, it’s only supported on Jelly Bean.

Google Play Gaming

In addition to the percentage of Jelly Bean users rising, Google has smartly added many…

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