I went to Stonehenge against my better judgement.

Me and my pack.

I woke up this morning knowing from the way I felt that it’d be a bad idea to go out and see things. It kind of felt like the lead up to a migraine paired with the cough I’ve had for the past few days. Despite all the messages my body was sending, I decided to go out anyway. I’d come half way around the world and specifically stopped in Salisbury to see Stonehenge, so my body could damn well wait a few more hours to rest. I did go out and see it, and even completed the audio guide tour around them. By the time I made it back to the bus stop, I could tell I was going to pay for my decision though. So even though my ticket included access to Old Sarum, the original hill fort and settlement location of Salisbury, I decided to skip it…

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