Haritage and royal bengal tiger are…….

River Mangrove Are The Life Of Climate.IS.

tiger_sundarbans6.jpgImageIndia’s intelligence agency of Bangladesh ‘s”s terrible news bodhakari aware of the conspiracy was startled pile already started. But for those who still broke the story about the adhamre have let them do that in the April 3, 01 in Sri Lanka, the influential magazine “Sri Lanka Guardian” of the online version of “The Bengal Tigers in the R & AW cage: R & AW trained Crusader 100 in action in Bangladesh” in the title expresses that the number of Politicians, media personalities and intellectuals carried off to the ‘party bachaikara 100 kyadarake have special training. What did surprise? It is time to highlight sambadatii:

All the politicians, media personalities and buddhijibidera from the earth intended to strict confidentiality through the sort of power politics than 100 armed cadre Indian intelligence agency Research eyanda Analysis Wing ‘s’ the direct supervision of the deradune long 6 months-wide commando training with the…

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