Joan Larsen’s Travel: A Peek at the Good Life at a Hidden Hideaway in Denali

Forming The Thread

By Joan Larsen


The summers in the States seem to have gone from just plain hot to – well – the “sweltering look” that promises to be fashionable at home for another year.  The word “escape” sounds more tantalizing by the week.  But with travel itself becoming more dear, I don’t just want to “get away”.  After so many years of travel, my family and I have found that what we consider the most important things we could wish for are the memories gained – stories of people, the stunning visions of beautiful places in nature, and the amazing experiences we have amassed along the way.  We find we can draw them up forever after — at will, making us smile with delight.  A glimpse of heaven.


After exploring Alaska in every way possible (yes, dog sled, too~), Denali (meaning the Great One) National Park was due for a…

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