Top 5: LeBron James’ Most Dominating Postseason Performances

CBS New York

By Matthew Citak

LeBron James and the Miami Heat are headed to their third straight NBA Finals as they take on the San Antonio Spurs. LeBron is seeking revenge on the Spurs after their sweep of his 2007 Cavaliers in the Finals, where he was held to just 36% shooting. LeBron averaged 29ppg during the Conference Finals in leading the Heat to a series victory against the Pacers. Let’s take a look back at the Miami star’s top 5 career playoff performances.

5) 2012-2013: Game 1, Conference Finals vs. Indiana Pacers
30 points on 12-24 shooting (50.0%), 10 rebounds, 8 assists
We’ll start the list off with a performance from this postseason. After the first two series against the Bucks and the Bulls, Miami had not been truly tested heading into the Conference Finals against the Pacers. However, LeBron and Co. were ready to play, holding off Indiana in Game…

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