Battlefield 3 Game Play Video

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Battlefield 3

is coming like a runaway juggernaught and here’s a small youtube based taste – 12 minutes of action – the cut scenes look pretty sharp, good graphics, distinct sound and has a real sense of ‘being on the ground’. Compare and contrast this with the original trailer if you like!

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Battlefield 3

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Battlefield 3 is a first person shooter game from Swedish company DICE an abreviation of EA Digital Illusions CE. The engine the game runs on is Frostbite 2 which can create a varied amount of realisation. The game focuses a lot on vehicles, whether that be air, land or sea based. The main objective of the game in the campaign mode is to complete each mission as a specific character, the missions in general range from vehicle based to on foot and so on. The main objective of the game online, depending on what game mode you are playing are to defend or attack consoles, capture and control different flags and kill the opposing team. There is a third game mode in Battlefield 3 called co-op, which is where you complete set missions but with a real person via online. Because Battlefield 3 is a current gen console game the dynamics…

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